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How the IT effect Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

How the IT effect Management - Research Paper Example According to, the management expert  Peter Drucker  (1909-2005)(, 2012), the central  task  of management includes both the factors of marketing and innovation.   Management comprises of the interrelated  functions  of creating  corporate policy  and  planning, organizing, controlling, and  directing  an  organization's  resources, towards the path of achieving the end goals and objectives of that  policy, such as productivity and increase in sales, expansion etc. The Managers and Directors are in the controlling position and they also have the  authoritative power  and  responsibility, to control human and material resources, making layouts and if change is the best option, then planning, executing and implementing the change process, to achieve efficiency and affectivity both. The managers have the insight and experience to create a vision for the organization, using Information Technology as a tool and a guiding force. Theà ‚  size  of management can vary  from one  person  in a small organization, to a host of managerial positions in multinational  companies. ... Information Technology: Information Technology (I.T) are the Standard Set of  certain specified tools, processes, and  methodologies, such as: programming or coding,  Ã‚  data  conversion,  data communications, storage  and retrieval, and more elaborately speaking, system control, systems analysis  and  design etc, that along with  associated  equipment  employed  to collect,  process, and present  information. In wide-ranging  terms, IT also includes  multimedia, office automation and  telecommunications (, 2012). Various Aspects of Management and their relationship with Information Technology: Project Management, Human resource management, Change management etc. 1) Relationship between Information Technology and Project Management: Project Management can be defined by the PMI (Project Management Institute) as, applying and dedicating expertise, tools, knowledge, skills and techniques to project activities to fulfill the projec t’s requirements (PMI, 2004, p.368, as cited in LeBlanc, 2008)). Project managers are the ones, who are responsible for the project activities, its starting and end date, they are crucial to the project from start to finish. Whether, it is delivering a service, product or increasing the organization’s productivity and sales etc. The fastest growing industry, especially in the developing countries is the Information Technology sector. No organization can prosper or grow without having a strong and competitive I.T department. But as the demand for I.T is increasing, so is the need for strong project managers, as the two go hand in hand. Mostly I.T projects fail due to estimated and actual cost over-run, which is due to lack of

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