Sunday, September 22, 2019

Penquins Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Penquins - Research Paper Example Penguins are of the Spheniscinae and have about 20 different types. These types all share the same features but vary by small changes in traits. When you see a bird fly in the air the look is similar to the way a penguin is able to swim in the water. The penguins are great swimmers and are graceful in the water. Their specific traits such as the look of their wings make it easy for them to swim. The wings of the penguins have a shape that looks similar to the fin of a dolphin or seal. Penguins have very distinctive mating habits. Unlike other species, the penguins have a switched role when it comes to carrying for offspring. The female and male penguins are very selective when choosing a mate and typically mate for life. Once a female penguin lays an egg, the male cares for the egg and keeps it warm. While the male is carrying for the egg the female goes out in search of food for when the egg hatches. Penguins are very unique birds and are amazing to study. Their habits and ways of life are interesting and explain a lot about their characteristic. Studying penguins shows how determined and caring there species can

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