Friday, June 14, 2019

Article Reviews Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Article Reviews - Essay ExampleHe brought with him a young boy and though it was too late, the judge allowed him to be sworn in to stand up for Good. The boy said he had seen it himself. The accuser had lied about the knife mysteriously breaking. The accuser was in trouble for lying to the judge. But Sarah Good , the alleged witch, was still sentenced to death.This became the start of something strange a witch hunt. All people who seemed to be able to dispense something magical were hunted and it was throughout all of the New England states in America. An author Cotton Mather, had seen the effects of the people who were afflicted with this witchcraft. Blistered with fire, pins stuck into their flesh by invisible hands, convulsions, and scalded with acerb water these were just some of the claims of accounts afflicted upon people who said that they were affected by the witchcraft. Peoples only escape from conviction was to identify the truth, which was actually sometimes a lie. Many people died because they were found to be suspicious people people of the devil.The author wrote this article to tell about the trials and oddities surrounding the Salem Witch Trials. It was a narrative telling about particular instances in trials and tribulations that described what it was like in New England during the time when everyone was out to chase and destroy whomever they thought well(p) witchcraft, magic labeling them witches.This article was written as a news story that appeared in the area newspaper in Baltimore, Maryland in the mid 1800s to tell the story of how the hunt and execution of witches came to begin. The article originally began with the narration of the story of Sarah Good. But in this article, she was merely an example of what others had to expect if they were suspicioned of conducting witchcraft. The author barely touched(p) on all of the occurrences during the

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