Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Research Parameters for BP, P, R &T Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Parameters for BP, P, R &T - Research Paper Example Discussion of the illnesses that can be identified by measurement of these body parameters will be included. Last but not least, the problems that can be experienced if assessing of these parameters is not performed will be explained in this paper. The body of a human being is made up various organs which keep the body in action and alive by making sure important parameters’ status is right. Just like a mechanical machine used to perform work, the organs have specific functions for the body. Examples of vital organs in a human body include; the brain, heart, liver, kidney and others. These organs are like machines; they need a source of energy, they need constant repair and maintenance for maximum efficiency. They also wear after sometime of continuous action and sometime malfunction. In sort organs are the machines responsible for keeping human bodies alive. This research paper will discuss the importance of checking various parameters of the body that are controlled by organs, and the problems that may affect them if the status of those parameters is unknown. It will concentrate on the blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate and respiratory rate. Body temperature is the ability of the body to generate heat and get rid of it. It is measured using a thermometer and the units used are Celsius. The normal body temperature of a human is 37 degrees Celsius. Body temperature is measured by placing a thermometer, glass or electronic thermometer, in the rectum, mouth or armpit. The normal temperature of persons is variable depending on several factors: They include age, time of the day and the part of the body where temperature was taken from (Mackowiak, 2009). If the body temperature of a person is more than 1.5 degrees above or below the normal, this condition is known as fever. Assessing body temperatures of persons is vital since it determines whether one is suffering from a fever. This can assist the

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