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Spacial topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Spacial topic - Essay Example 2. Operational decision makers- After creation of the business strategy, the objectives for the operation business process are established. 3. Reporting, controlling and analytical processes- The necessary information and data for the desired changes in operational managers’ behavior are identified and specified by the business analysts. 4. ELT developers and data base specialists- The data from data warehouses is gathered by the database specialist or the ETL (extract, transformation, and load) developer who make it assessable and usable to the front-end application of the business. 5. IT Professionals- In this layer, infrastructure run and develop the primary data is developed by generating sources or creating new data by the IT professionals. (Laursen & Thorlund, 2010) Chapter 2 Question1. Explain the process of business analytics at strategic level. Answer. The process of business analytics at strategic level could be explained by integration between the BA function and th e company’s strategy. There are four different scenarios showing the degree of integration between business strategy and strategy: 1. Where no formal link exists between strategy and BA, the BA function is used on an ad hoc basis. 2. When the link between BA and strategy is coordinated, the BA function is purely reactive and there is no feedback procedure from BA to strategy. 3. When there is a formal feedback procedure from BA to strategy and strategy innovation is supported by BA. 4. Where the information is used as a strategic resource. It enables the information to be used to determine the strategy. (Laursen & Thorlund, 2010) Chapter 3 Question1. Explain the process of establishing a new business processes with the Rockart model? Answer. The process of establishing a new business processes with the Rockart model consists of the following stages: 1. Objectives- The first step is the identification of the objectives, i.e. to identify the aim and purpose of the information t o be developed. 2. Operational Strategy- The operational strategy to fulfill the objective is identified and implemented. 3. Critical Success Factors- A large number of activities are initiated by implementation of a strategy. Some of these activities are more critical than others. All such critical success factors should be identified. 4. Lead and Lag Information- The information at functional level can be broadly classified as: Lag information- The information which we choose to register on an ongoing basis is the lag information. Lead information- Lead information is created on the basis of lag information. It helps in monitoring and improving the existing or initiating processes. (Laursen & Thorlund, 2010) Chapter 4 Question1. What are the required competencies of a business analyst? Answer. A business analyst is a provider of methodology. A business analyst must meet the following requirements: 1. Business competencies- A business analyst must have the business competencies and should understand the business process properly. He or she must have the business insight. 2. Tool Kit must be in order- A business analyst should be able to deliver multiple information in same data and should be able to visualize the information as the user. 3. Technical understanding- The business analyst should have the technical understanding of the information which could be used in collection and presentation of data. (Laursen & Thorl

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