Tuesday, November 26, 2019

My Cousins Wedding Essay Example

My Cousins Wedding Essay Example My Cousins Wedding Paper My Cousins Wedding Paper Cousin Feet Story This past summer, I was invited to my wedding in India. I was very excited and happy for her that she was getting married during the time I was visiting my parents. She was twenty-seven years old and her future husband was 28 years old. The wedding was 2 days long. The first day was the wedding ceremony and the last day was the wedding reception. Today I will be telling you a story of a traditional Indian Wedding. My mom was screaming at the top of her lungs, like always, ask UT]o, shady pee Joana hail?C,-. ?0, which means she was telling us all to wake up, and that e all have a wedding to got to! I scrammed out of my bed and ran to get my outfit and hurried into the shower. My outfit was a sky, blue gown (a. K. A length) that ran past my feet, and with a veil that was taller than I was; 5 foot 3 and ?,?%. I finished getting ready, hoping that I have to wait in the 1 50 degree weather! But guess what? I DID! I yelled off of my lungs, tine garage (which means that It Is very hot here) out loud. My mother yelled at me and I was told to shut up. So we all got ready and ran Into my Safari and cranked up the alarm conditioner. Of course, my dad loves being green, so he shut off the alarm intentioned and turned down window. He fresh alarm of said my dad laughing as my my and my hair got ruined from the breeze. Yeah dad we just love the hot air and the sand being thrown in our yelled my sister. So we reached the wedding. It had a very long name but since I read Indian language I gave up in trying to figure out what the heck the plaza was called. I saw my cousin from afar waving to me in her beautiful red, burgundy, wedding dress which was similar to mine but since It was red that meant she was getting married. (If you have a red gown on, that means that you are either already married or you are getting aired. Another color represent anything special. ) She was tall and beautiful and looked so nervous, it was funny! Her husband was very tall; Just Like her. He was walling for her In the a holy place where you give your vows. He was not allowed to see the bride until they were facing each other; which happen until the end The priest read some holy stories that took, for me, forever. He told the couple to go around the ring of the fire 4 times. After that, the husband put a pure gold necklace with black beads around the bride and they were now known as husband and wife. It was so exciting that my other ND I started clapping so hard that our hands started to ache. After the ceremony was over, the (when the bride is leaving her family; going into a whole deferent family which waits for her arrival) was leaving. All of us started to cry from the fact that my cousin was leaving to her new home. Out of everyone the one who cried the most was the mother; surprisingly! Now, I will be telling you a little bit of the wedding reception. The couple was slating at their seats on the stage. My family started walking In and everyone was told that whoever wants to take a picture with the couple can go an take It now. I ran across ten anal Ana went to get my picture taken TLS so I have to wait in the crazy line! This time my cousin (the bride) was wearing a dark pink gown (a. K. A length) and looked so beautiful! We all danced and had a merry time. Everyone danced next to the wide stereos so the music would be blasting at their ears so they have to hear again in there whole life. After all it was a great wedding. This is my story about my wedding. This was the first time that I have ever been to a traditional Indian Wedding in India! Shari (This means Thank You)

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