Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Research Paper for English 102 (Violence and How can you solve it)

For English 102 (Violence and How can you solve it) - Research Paper Example Interpersonal violence is shown by such violence that would involve persons who are related such as by blood or in marriage and persons that are not related but who closely interact. Violence is however shown to have been a common feature within human societies all through though the nature would differ from a generation to another and from social set-up to another. Over the ages, various tools for solving conflicts have been devised and applied with a motive of resolving the cause of the conflict. Moreover, the tools are meant for establishing mechanisms of restoring healthy relationship between the conflicting parties. Though there may lack universally accepted tools to resolve particular types of violence, many of the tolls in application has substantial effects on solving the conflicts and thus, multi-disciplinary approach is what is often taken. It is noted that the effectiveness of any tool adopted for stopping violence and seeking amicable solution may depend on the nature of the violence, the cause(s) as well as the parties involved. Though violence has been shown to be multifaceted in causes, there lacks a universal approach in resolving conflicts. Literature from past studies show that resolution to particular violence often adopt similar or same tools for resolution. However, the outcome of applying common tools for resolving violence that is not related or has not common cause may not provide the intended results. The main challenge in resolving violence is therefore the capacity to rightfully choosing a tool that would lead to the anticipated results. There lacks a criterion through which the available tools of conflict resolution would be pre-tested prior to application in resolving a conflict and hence, adoption of such tools often take the trial and error method with no certainty of the outcome. As revealed by the problem statement, there may lack standard set criteria of selecting

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